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Calling people with long term health issues, Mental Health Service Users & budding disabled BME entrepreneurs……
Do you have an enterprising idea, but lack the confidence or support to kick start the project?

Looking for a way to make money from your skills?

Free workshops take place at Community House in Enfield every month.

Organised in partnership with Business Link in London, the “Working for Yourself” workshop is an informal free one-day event, aimed at providing participants with the essential information and practical advice needed to help  start, survive and thrive in self employment in the current economic climate.

Each event will include:

The workshops will include:-

how to turn your ideas into a business
assessing your potential
overcoming barriers – from benefits to self employment, accessing finance & marketing

* follow up support will be available

expert advisers ready to answer questions
helpful seminars on benefits and barriers to employment
do’s and don’ts
networking opportunities
motivation and inspiration

Community House

311 Fore Street



N9 0PZ

Times: 10am – 3pm

For more information, contact:

Kenneth Kowa @ Inclusive Solutions Cooperative



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My reason for writing this blog was to chart the experiences I have had as a disabled entrepreneur both prior to and during starting up Lovely Gorgeous Things.  Writing about the experience had been roaming around in my head for some time as during the start-up process, I kept hitting problems, some of which were unnecessary and avoidable, well, they would have been if I had been able to access certain, specific information as well as being better informed about how the process really works and what support is available as a lot of it isn’t widely known about and you don’t always know where to even start looking.

Sooooo, I am putting out a call to you guys to let me know about your experiences of Permitted Work, Test Trading and any other schemes that have allowed you to start a business.  Tell me about any information that you think would be helpful to both current and future Disabled Entrepreneurs, this might include:  support organisations in your area, mentoring schemes, training providers, networking opportunities and any and everything else.

I would also love to hear about other Disabled Entrepreneurs!  If you have managed to go through the system and successfully started your business (private, social enterprise etc) then I wanna hear from you!  Lets create a space where information flows freely and is no longer hidden away on random notice boards which few ever get to see.

Send your stories, useful info or even a good joke to me at

Nessa x

Hiya, it’s me again  lol  I figured a good way to kick off the blog would be to share a little bit about me and what I do.

I am a thirty-something lass born and raised here in London, England.  I am currently juggling a number of chronic medical conditions (Endometriosis, EDS, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia and a few others that help things stay entertaining 🙂

Along-side managing my medical conditions, I also run my skincare  brand – Lovely Gorgeous Things, which supplies some rather yummy, skin friendly products (if I do say so myself  lol).

Getting the business off the ground involved some serious blood, sweat, tears and tons of advice and support from some amazingly wonderful people.  There are too many to list (and with my foggy brain, I’ll probably end up leaving someone important off by accident), so instead I will say that you know who you are and I  will be eternally grateful for everything that you have done xx

Hi there, my name is Vanessa and thank you for checking out my blog!

I decided to start this blog after wading through the quagmire of craziness that you have to deal with when you are disabled, on benefits and wanting to start a business or find a job on that ‘wonderful’ scheme called Permitted Work.

It is my hope that by sharing experiences of both myself and of others  and by posting (what I hope will be) useful info about various aspects of Permitted Work, starting a business, support organisations and various other ramblings, that maybe someone elses world will be a little  less stressful  🙂

This is my first blog so i’m still figuring it all out but i’m hoping you’ll have a positive and fun read.

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