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Putting out a call…..

Posted on: February 7, 2010

My reason for writing this blog was to chart the experiences I have had as a disabled entrepreneur both prior to and during starting up Lovely Gorgeous Things.  Writing about the experience had been roaming around in my head for some time as during the start-up process, I kept hitting problems, some of which were unnecessary and avoidable, well, they would have been if I had been able to access certain, specific information as well as being better informed about how the process really works and what support is available as a lot of it isn’t widely known about and you don’t always know where to even start looking.

Sooooo, I am putting out a call to you guys to let me know about your experiences of Permitted Work, Test Trading and any other schemes that have allowed you to start a business.  Tell me about any information that you think would be helpful to both current and future Disabled Entrepreneurs, this might include:  support organisations in your area, mentoring schemes, training providers, networking opportunities and any and everything else.

I would also love to hear about other Disabled Entrepreneurs!  If you have managed to go through the system and successfully started your business (private, social enterprise etc) then I wanna hear from you!  Lets create a space where information flows freely and is no longer hidden away on random notice boards which few ever get to see.

Send your stories, useful info or even a good joke to me at

Nessa x


1 Response to "Putting out a call….."

Ooh – this is such a great idea! As someone who’s intereste4d in starting her own business, I welcome this opportunity to discuss issues and ideas with other people in a similar situation to me.

Have you looked at RADAR – they help disabled people find employment and I’ve heard that they may be able to help provide mentors to those interested in starting their own business. Might help you.


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